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virtual real estate metaverse

The Problem

Ten years ago, the gifted minds behind Bitcoin created the technological revolution we call Crypto Currency today, upon the foundations of values such as Decentralization, Anonymity & Freedom.

Ten years on, the now-rapidly growing industryhas beugun to pull away from these core values as new, centralized projects begin to enter the industry. If this continues, the deterioration of these values will only continue the problems in which our heavily centralized world demonstrates to us every day such as wealth inequality, limitation of freedom and our digital right to online privacy.

The Solution

The Velox Project aims to allow individuals and organizations alike to easily acquire, store and transact wealth while upholding the values in which the foundation of Bitcoin had originally built in the very beginning of the Blockchain era.

These goals include the production of a growing multitude of decentralized products, services, tools and utilities open to anyone with as little as an internet connection, while fulfilling the core objectives and vision in which the crypto currency industry was originally built upon.

Decentralization, Anonymity & Freedom


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