Velox Token Info (Formerly VeloxCoin)

Starting Supply


ERC20 Minting APR


Last Price


Velox [VLX] Token Distribution

Coin Specs

Ended and Swapped to ERC-20 as of September 16, 2018

Coin Name [Ticker]: VeloxCoin [VLX]
Max Supply: 124,000,000
Gensis Block Date: Nov 20 2017
Consensus Algorithm: POW/POS
POS Interest: 13% Per Year
Team Reserve: 21,000,000


Velox Token [VLX] ERC-20 Smart Contract

Token Name [Ticker]: Velox [VLX]
Starting Supply 16,000,000
Contract Creation Date 16 Sep 2018
Token Standard: ERC-20
ERC20 Minting Interest: 13% Per Year
Team Reserve: 10,000,000