- Velox 200k Token Sale -

Velox Sale

Community voted 200,000 VLX Sale. Available until October 30, 2018.

Velox Token - Ethereum ERC-20 Smart Contract Address


Contract Code Verified at EtherScan.io | Recommended Gas Price: See here | Recommended Gas LIMIT: At least 170000

1 VLX = 0.0012 ETH

194,255 VLX Remaining

How to Participate

1. Send ETH to the Verified Contract Address above
2a. Check your wallet to see VLX Tokens sent instantly
2b. If your transaction fails, raise gas price by 10000 and try again.

We Do not recommend using an exchange withdrawal or exchange address to purchase your tokens.


- This contract only accepts Ethereum [ETH] as a form payment in exchange Velox Token's [VLX]
- This contract will provably not accept any investments above the 240 ETH hard cap.
- We will never ask you to send to an addressother than the automated sale address above. This is the only Velox Token sale contract address.
- Only ERC-20 Support Wallets (or a wallet in which you control the private keys) will allow you to receive your tokens.
- You may purchase up to any amount up to the remaining amount of tokens available. You may view this amount