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What is the Velox Token [VLX]

Velox Token is an ERC-20 compliant token that has been created as a utility to operate the upcoming VeloxBolt decentralized & anonymous exchange and trading platform. VLX can be minted, transacted and traded to serve the purpose as a utility token for the VeloxBolt decentralized exchange platform. Holders of VLX are awarded discounted fees on all velox products, 13% minting APR until the platform release and buy-backs to replace minting each quarter from the VeloxBolt platform & vNovum wallet profit.

VeloxCoin originally launched using Proof-of-Work during the first 10,000 blocks, after which it converted to a completely Proof-of-Stake algorithm up until September 2018. As of this date, VeloxCoin [VLX] successfully swapped to Velox Token, an ERC-20 compliant token & smart contract, in preparation of the VeloxBolt release.

Until VeloxBolt is officially released to the public, exchanges will list VLX against BTC and Ethereum. This will be no more than a temporary solution where users can trade VLX in liquid markets until the establishment of vBolt. More information about exchanges and the Velox Token can be found in our updated project whitepaper as of October 2018.

Velox [VLX] Token Distribution

Coin Specs

Ended and Swapped to ERC-20 as of September 16, 2018

Coin Name [Ticker]: VeloxCoin [VLX]
Max Supply: 124,000,000
Gensis Block Date: Nov 20 2017
Consensus Algorithm: POW/POS
POS Interest: 13% Per Year
Team Reserve: 21,000,000


Velox Token [VLX] ERC-20 Smart Contract

Token Name [Ticker]: Velox [VLX]
Starting Supply 16,000,000
Contract Creation Date 16 Sep 2018
Token Standard: ERC-20
ERC20 Minting Interest: 13% Per Year
Team Reserve: 10,000,000